Sunday, August 28, 2011

BON VOYAGE!!!!!!!!!

I'm having my Bon Voyage party today with the friends that I have mad over the years. I'm really excited because there are people coming that I haven't seen in over 10 years!! It's being held at a local well known bar in Buckhead that has lots of seating, however, I have requested the rooftop area in all my diva-ness. We'll see how swell that is in this Atlanta heat.

Only a few days left before I leave. I'm not nervous or anything. I'm still not excited. What I am is stressed and tired, so I haven't had a chance to process anything related to my trip. I JUST went shopping to get the things I'll need and I'm not done. Maybe I will finish up tomorrow.

Hong Kong seems to be really exciting! Some people in my graduate program are already there and have been posting pictures. The FOOD!!!! I LOVE street food and I can't wait to be a fat(ter) kid with it!

I have to get ready. I have so much to do before this gathering and I only have four hours!! Here we go again!!


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